1 Drone Inspection

An in depth 10 point inspection of your home’s roofing system will be performed using an advanced and high powered drone. All of our drones are piloted by trained SeekOne consultants and are equipped with state of the art detection software that pin-points hail impacts and wind creased shingles caused by recent storms. The drones also provide us with a birds eye view of the entire roof to ensure all components are accounted for.

2 Damage Photo Report

After your drone inspection is complete, we will provide you with an extremely comprehensive and detail-focused report equipped with pictures of our findings. Each photo includes a detailed summary of damage found in that particular section of the roof as well as overview pictures that give insight to the overall well-being of your roof.

3 Initiate Claim

The adjuster assigned to your claim will have all supporting pieces including, our photo damage report, roof and gutter measurements via satellite measurements, storm maps that are acceptable to insurance standards, and our estimate for the total cost of the project. Having worked hard to build an outstanding reputation with many of middle Tennessee’s adjusters and insurance companies, SeekOne’s supportive evidence typically allows adjusters to expedite the process.

Our Inspection Process

Common Inspection Process

Economic insecurity, an ever-changing climate, and notably strong storms, are constantly shifting customer expectations and creating fierce competition. The insurance industry is by no means immune to changing times, however, it is ripe for innovation. An ever-evolving market requires adapting for survival now more than ever. All insurance companies are second-guessing their claims strategies, the way they’ve implemented technology, how they should increase productivity, and ways that may better fulfill promises to their own policyholders.

That’s where SeekOne steps in. The implementation of next-generation technology alongside the desire to persistently innovate is a gap we continue to fill in the Construction Industry.

Drone inspections are revolutionizing the roofing inspection market. These inspections are often preferred because they:

  • Reduce safety risks of inspector
  • Prevent further damage to your roof
  • Collect higher-quality data
  • Make sharing data easier
  • Reduced inspection times